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Flaunt your products amidst art and melodies at 'Body of Work Vol. 3'. As our valued vendor, you get a unique space that promises engagement, sales, and brand visibility. With a diverse crowd and eclectic offerings, it's commerce meeting creativity in the best possible way.

Exclusive Exposure

Dive into a vibrant marketplace at 'Body of Work Vol. 3', where you'll captivate an audience drawn by art, music, and the allure of Halloween. It's not just an event; it's a unique platform to spotlight your products and brand amidst a colorful tapestry of creativity.

Zero Commission,

Full Profit

While we request a modest $25 to secure your spot, every sale you make, every connection you build, is entirely yours. We're rooting for your success, and thus, we don't take a penny from your hard-earned sales. It's all about fostering genuine growth for our local vendor community.

Collaborative Spirit

Beyond vending, the 'Body of Work Vol. 3' event offers a plethora of collaborative opportunities. Whether it's teaming up with a bodypaint artist for a unique display or synergizing with musicians for a thematic showcase, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


Thanks for submitting! ​

Do you have your own table?

Thank you for registering as a vendor for 'Body of Work Vol. 3'. Your participation enriches our event! The showcase takes place on Saturday, October 21st, from 6pm-10pm at FD Photo Studio, 124 N. Campbell Ave. We'll provide designated spaces for vendors, ensuring visibility and accessibility. Remember, this is not just an opportunity for sales but also a platform to build relationships and gain exposure, regardless of your business size. Let's create a vibrant marketplace together!

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What kind of setup space will be provided to vendors at the event?

Each vendor will be provided with a designated space for their setup. The dimensions and requirements for each setup will vary based on individual needs. We recommend specifying your setup's size and any electrical needs during registration to ensure a smooth and accommodating experience.

How will the event manage foot traffic to ensure all vendors get visibility?

'Body of Work Vol. 3' has been carefully designed to provide an engaging flow for attendees. With multiple attractions, including music performances, art gallery showcases, and the bodypaint runway show, we anticipate a consistent foot traffic flow throughout the venue, ensuring visibility and engagement for all vendors.

Can vendors collaborate with other aspects of the event, such as the bodypaint runway show or live painting?

Absolutely! We're always open to collaborative ideas that enhance the overall experience. If you have a specific idea or wish to get involved in another aspect of the event, please let us know during registration or contact us directly.

Will there be any security measures in place during the event?

Yes, security is a top priority for us. There will be security personnel present at the venue's door and throughout the event to ensure the safety of all attendees, artists, and vendors. However, vendors are advised to monitor their own booths and items.

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