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Illuminate our gallery with your creativity at 'Body of Work Vol. 3'. From seasoned maestros to budding talents, we invite all to showcase, sell, and celebrate visual art. With zero commission on sales and an engaging platform, let your art resonate, inspire, and connect.

Spotlight on Craft

'Body of Work Vol. 3' is not just an event – it's a canvas for your creativity. Showcase amidst a confluence of art forms, from body paint to music, ensuring your work gets the attention it deserves in a lively, art-centric ambiance.

Full Creative Freedom

No commission, no display fees. Every sale, every new admirer is your direct reward. Plus, with opportunities to live paint or engage in the bodypaint runway, your artistry knows no bounds.

Connect & Collaborate

Beyond showcasing, immerse in a network of fellow artists, musicians, and attendees. Build connections, inspire and get inspired, and maybe even discover collaborative prospects for future projects.

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What kind of artwork is suitable for showcasing at 'Body of Work Vol. 3'?

The event is open to diverse art forms – from paintings, sculptures, digital art, to installations. Given the Halloween and body paint theme, artworks that resonate with or complement this mood are especially welcomed, but all creative expressions are appreciated.

Can I live paint during the event or participate in the bodypaint runway show?

Absolutely! We encourage artists to engage in live painting or even try their hand in the bodypaint runway show. It's all about celebrating artistic expression in its varied forms.

How will transactions for sold art pieces be managed?

All sales transactions are directly between the artist and the buyer. We won't take any commission, ensuring artists receive the full value for their masterpieces.

Do I need to bring my own materials for hanging or displaying artwork?

We'll provide limited hanging materials. However, artists are recommended to bring their preferred materials to ensure their artwork is displayed to their satisfaction.

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