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Embrace a transformative experience at 'Body of Work Vol. 3' as you become a living masterpiece. Beyond being a muse for talented body artists, revel in the spotlight of the runway and capture the magic with exclusive photoshoot opportunities. Step in, and let art tell your story.

  • All models MUST arrive to the venue as early as 4PM and no later than 6PM. Please make sure you come prepared to be painted.

  • The painting process will consist of upper torso and face (legs included if needed). Tape or pasties will be provided for those who would like additional nipple coverage.

  • Please try to bring a robe or light covering for yourself just in case you get cold or need to step out.

  • You may bring whatever additional accessories or costume pieces you'd like to enhance your look. 

  • Acceptable pieces of attire for the runway are: leggings, compression shorts, lingerie, costume bottoms, or regular black underwear.

  • Each model will be assigned a body artist unless there is already a prior agreement.

  • Once completely painted, please refrain from doing too many unnecessary dynamic or aggressive movements in order to preserve the conceptual piece in which you are embodying.

  • There will be a stage host present the entire time to announce both you and the artist. He will also describe your piece as you walk down the red carpet, shout out your social media, and also offer extra entertainment in the process.

  • Once the doors open at 6pm, all models must be either out of sight from guests or covered until they've walked the runway. There will be designated areas in which models can roam exposed.

  • Once you have officially walked the runway you may do as you'd like, but please remain aware of the host for when he calls all models back for the competition to be judged.

General GuidelineS

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Spotlight Moment

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience at 'Body of Work Vol. 3', where your physique becomes the canvas for intricate artistry. Strut the runway and be the focal point of an enchanted audience, in an evening where bodypaint meets the magic of Halloween.

Double Photoshoot Perks

Not only will you receive a professional photoshoot capturing the detailed body art adorned during the event, but also a complimentary photoshoot for any future occasion. Whether you're kickstarting or enriching your portfolio, it's a golden opportunity.

Collaborative Oasis

Interact and form lasting connections with a plethora of artists, from the bodypaint maestros crafting on you to musicians setting the ambiance. It's more than a runway show; it's a holistic artistic journey where you're both muse and participant, amplifying the event's aura.


What level of modeling experience is required to participate?

'Body of Work Vol. 3' celebrates diversity and inclusivity in art, and as such, models of all experience levels are welcome. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, the event offers a platform for every model to shine.

What should I wear or bring to the event?

Models should arrive in clothing that's easy to change out of, as body painting can take time and require varying degrees of skin exposure. Any specific attire or accessories required for the runway will be communicated in advance. Remember to bring any personal essentials or makeup for touch-ups.

How will my privacy and comfort be ensured?

We prioritize the comfort and privacy of our models. Designated areas will be provided for body painting, ensuring a safe and respectful environment. Both models and artists are expected to uphold a code of professionalism and mutual respect throughout the event.

How will the photos from the event be shared with models?

After the event, high-resolution photos from the bodypaint showcase will be compiled and shared with models via a secure online gallery link. Models will have the rights to download and use these photos for their portfolios or personal use, with proper credits to the photographer and event.

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