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Dive into the enchanting realm of body artistry at 'Body of Work Vol. 3'. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone bursting with fresh ideas, this is your platform to transform the human canvas. With prizes, exposure, and a Halloween-inspired ambiance, immerse yourself in this vibrant celebration of art and skin.

Unleash Your Artistry

'Body of Work Vol. 3' is your platform to push boundaries, experiment, and let your artistic instincts take center stage. With a runway as your gallery, showcase your talent amidst an audience of art enthusiasts and peers.

Rewarding Exposure & Competition

Not only do you get to present your art to a live audience, but with exciting cash prizes for the top three, it's a chance to be recognized and rewarded for your skills and creativity.

Expand Your Network

Mingle with fellow artists, models, vendors, and art aficionados. Whether it's finding a new collaborator, a loyal client, or just exchanging creative ideas, the event is a hotspot for forging meaningful connections.

General Guidelines

  • All artists MUST arrive to the venue as early as 4PM and no later than 6PM. Please make sure you come prepared to be painted.

  • Please bring all necessary painting supplies with you when you arrive. I will have extra brushes, paints, and glitter intended for community use.

  • I will also bring my industrial compressor and sprayer for those who would like to try airbrush or have some experience using it.

  • All artists will be assigned a model unless you invite one yourself.

  • Artists will have a maximum time of 2 hours to complete their works. An additional 30 minute grace period will be added for those who need it after doors officially open.

  • All artists are allowed to paint up to 3 models max for the competition. 

  • There will be multiple private areas in which artists can paint their model canvases, just ask.

  • The painting process will consist of upper torso and face (legs included if needed). Tape or pasties will be provided for models who would like additional nipple coverage.

  • You may bring whatever additional accessories or costume pieces you'd like to enhance your concept.

  • The event will consist of the runway show with the judging competition immediately following.

  • Cash prize will be between $100 for 3rd place, $250 for 2nd place, and $500 for 1s place paid directly to the artist.

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What are the criteria for participating as a body artist?

We welcome artists from all backgrounds and experience levels. If you have a passion for body painting and a creative vision, you're encouraged to participate!

Are there any specific themes or guidelines for the body paint designs?

While the event resonates with the Halloween theme, artists have the creative freedom to interpret and present their designs. All we ask is for originality and respect to the comfort level of the models.

Are materials provided or should I bring my own?

Artists are responsible for bringing their own body paint and materials. Ensure that all materials are safe and suitable for skin application.

Can I choose or bring my own model?

Yes, artists can collaborate with their preferred models. If you don’t have one, we will pair you with a model who has signed up for the event.

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